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How to Wear Red Lingerie

red chemise

Red is colour of passion and the universal symbol for love and adventure, so if you want to surprise your loved one with an enticing outfit, then this is definitely the colour you should go for. Although red is a classic choice, that doesn’t mean that your choices are limited or that there is no room left for creativity. On the contrary, depending on your age, preferences or body shape, you can choose between several lingerie ideas, so you can always feel sexy and comfortable. No matter what look you want to have, you can always find seductive red lingerie here at Heavenly Lingerie and mix and match your lingerie items to achieve various looks.

Classic Red Lingerie Sets

Two-piece red lingerie sets are the go-to combination that most women decide to wear for a special occasion. Apart from the fact that they are the best-know representation for the sensuality concept, they are also quite practical, because you can wear them under dresses. Try to not limit yourself to the classic bright red colours. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose a shade of red that matches you perfectly. Several colour variations include magenta, coral or burgundy – these either intensify red or tone it down, so you can play around with them if you feel that classic red is too daring or too bland. To give your outfit a more sensual and naughty look, don’t be afraid to buy red lingerie that has lace, satin or silk accessories. If you’re going for the femme fatale look, then it’s best if you also invest in a pair of suspender belts, which will make you feel and look irresistible.

silk red corset

Red Corsets

Corsets are among the most sensual and erotic pieces of lingerie. To emphasize an hourglass body shape, choose a red corset that is tight around the waist and if you want to get a burlesque look, go for a red corset with transparent lace on the sides. Apart from the fact that this lingerie item allows you to be sexy and express your femininity, it’s also very practical. For example, if you have a tight conical dress, you can wear a corset underneath. You can wear red corsets throughout the year, but you can also use them as the piece de resistance for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Red Nightgowns and Chemises

Who said that nightgowns can only be boring and oversized? If you match a short, semi-transparent red nightgown or chemise with a red thong, you can achieve an irresistible look and surprise your loved one. One of the best things about this type of lingerie is that you can look amazingly seductive, without compromising on comfort. Also, if you’re not used to wearing hot lingerie and you don’t want to start with something that’s too outside your comfort zone, then sexy red nightgowns are the perfect choice.

As you can see, there is more to red lingerie than meets the eye and this colour definitely deserves its popularity. Regardless of your age and body type, you can always find amazing lingerie items here at!