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Pretty in Pink Lingerie

pink babydoll lingeriepink satin nightdressLingerie has always been a tool in the hands of a woman and most women have always known how to use it. A man’s fantasy is a great world to explore and women are fully aware of that fact, which is why many use their sensuality and sex appeal not necessarily to keep him interested, but to keep him enticed.

Women’s lingerie opens up a great variety of styles, colours and concepts, from the traditional white to the sexy black or the naughty red, as well as from the sweet baby dolls to the alluring suspender belts and the provocative corsets. Pink lingerie is one concept that has become more and more popular lately, especially since women’s lingerie can be easily and conveniently found online, on a variety of web stores like ours, and ladies soon realised that there is much to be done with this concept that seems to be the perfect combination of white innocence and red wildness.

Depending on the design and piece of lingerie you choose, you can achieve very different looks with pink lingerie. For instance, if you go for a light pink babydoll with white garters and suspender belts and choose a natural makeup, you will achieve an ethereal, innocent look, which many men go crazy about. On the other hand, if you go for a darker shade of pink in a lace set with a push-up bra or corset, maybe one with small, classy flowers on the cleavage, then you will be able to maintain a sexy, yet righteous look, which will definitely make your man dizzy.

pink lingerie setpink ribbon criss cross knickersWhen asked about their preferences many men might say black lingerie or red pieces, as these colours represent a myth and they have been associated with sexiness since forever, but given the right context and the right match, pink lingerie will surely allure them even more than any black or red piece, it’s just that many are not used to the concept yet. However, if you want to get the maximum effect, you should have a pretty clear idea of what your partner likes or fantasises about, in order to adjust your choices of pink lingerie to that fantasy.

If you want to achieve a more sultry, naughty look in order to surprise your man with a night of nasty fun, you can also use pink lingerie for that. Just choose a very strong shade of pink, like fuchsia or magenta and an eye catching fabric, such as leather, stretch spandex or lace. Such a corset with a suspender belt and black garters will surely do the trick, especially if you add a smoky eyes makeup and high-heeled black pumps or boots. The bottom line is that there is plenty you can do with pink lingerie and various looks you can achieve, if you know what suits you well and what your partner is into the most. Plus, it is a highly welcomed change from the common black, white or red lingerie.