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silk red corset

How to Wear Red Lingerie

Red is colour of passion and the universal symbol for love and adventure, so if you want to surprise your loved one with an enticing outfit, then this is definitely the colour you should go for. Although red is a classic choice, that doesn’t mean that your choices are limited or that there is no room left for creativity. On the contrary, depending on your age, preferences or body shape, you can choose between several lingerie ideas, so you can always feel sexy and comfortable. No matter what look you want to have, you can always find seductive red lingerie here at Heavenly Lingerie and mix and match your lingerie items to achieve various looks.

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black suspender belt with skirt

The Black Suspender Belt - a Wardrobe Basic

In a world where more and more ladies are becoming aware of the way they look and dedicate an increasing amount of time caring for their exterior appearance, it seems that there is a certain element of the wardrobe which is yet again receiving the attention of women everywhere. But what is this amazing piece that all the ladies are looking for and how can it help them look their best and feel sensual in any moment of the day? The secret is wearing black suspender belts and the matching garters whenever you feel like bringing a touch of sensuality and sophistication into your life! There are many different types of suspender belts and they can all be found both in traditional stores, in a small variety, and on the dedicated websites, such as here at Heavenly Lingerie, in a large and diverse array of options.

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long satin nightdress

Satin Nightdresses

Nowadays there are many different types of nightdresss and nightwear possibilities are available for modern ladies to buy and wear. It’s great how diverse the world of lingerie pieces have become nowadays: from satin nightdresss to latex and rubber ones, from short and minimalistic pieces which leave little for the imagination to full length night dresses which wrap the woman in a veil of mystery, from the classical elegance to the modern day decadence, there are so many options available that most ladies have a hard time choosing from amongst all these impressive and sensual possibilities.

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pink babydoll lingerie

Pretty in Pink Lingerie

Women’s lingerie opens up a great variety of styles, colours and concepts, from the traditional white to the sexy black or the naughty red, as well as from the sweet baby dolls to the alluring suspender belts and the provocative corsets. Pink lingerie is one concept that has become more and more popular lately, especially since women’s lingerie can be easily and conveniently found online, on a variety of web stores like ours, and ladies soon realised that there is much to be done with this concept that seems to be the perfect combination of white innocence and red wildness.

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