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Welcome Gentlemen!

We are here to guide you now that you have chosen lingerie as a gift for that special person in your life. We all love the feel of luxurious silk lingerie and we are here to help you find just the right item for her (and you)! Why not take a quick look at our Helpful Hints below.

Know Her Sizes

Refer to our Measure Guide and Lingerie Size Chart(s) for full details

  • If you don't know - ask her. You don't have to tell her what it is for, just let her know it's a surprise that she is going to love. Leave her intrigued - tease her!
  • Ask her close friend or mother who can snoop without arousing suspicion -they'll enjoy keeping the secret. Has she dropped any hints?
  • Investigate - its elementary - there is a Sherlock Holmes in all of us! Peek in the wardrobe and through her lingerie drawer. Find her most comfortable everyday bra(s) and look in the back for the size. What colours does she prefer, pastels, rich fashion colours or sleek black?
  • Colour - Generally, white bras are worn to work, black bras in the evening and skin tone under fitted or see-through tops as it's the most invisible colour. Fashion colours are normally chosen for special occasions or just for fun!
  • Has she recently given birth? Allow more room!

Remember Who's Going To Wear It

Size and comfort will be important factors if you want her to wear it again and again! Don't choose something too revealing. Tasteful coverage will leave something to the imagination. Remember most women are conscious of their bodies.

Do you need an immediate gift idea?

Why not consider our lingerie Gift Certificates. They are great for last minute situations and are presented in a ribboned envelope. You can avoid the hustle and bustle of the high street stores not to mention the embarrassment! Click here

Happy Shopping!